I Remember

I Remember


I remember is an exquisite tale of memory. Set in the Geraldton area of Western Australia, an elderly woman remembers the camping trips of her childhood. As her recollections fade in and out, she is drawn to think about the elusiveness of what she can remember from so long ago.

Joanne Crawford moves away from a chronological narrative and skilfully conveys the excitement and anticipation of many camps. Packing up the family car, driving along dirt sand plains, stopping to marvel at wildflowers in bloom, baking damper, fishing, and listening to eerie sounds in the bush at night become memories that last a lifetime.

Kerry Anne Jordinson’s illustrations have an ephemeral quality as she offers a glimpse into the beauty of the storyteller, old and young, and her family adventures through the vast West Australian landscape.

  • Author: Joanne Crawford

  • Illustrator: Kerry Anne Jordinson

  • Published: Mar 2018

  • Size: 235 x 260 mm

  • Pages: 36

  • ISBN: 9781925360769

  • Ages: Lower primary, Middle primary

  • Format: Paperback

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