Fire Starting Technologies Board

Fire Starting Technologies Board


Making fire by friction is an ancient practice and has been employed in a variety of ways in Aboriginal culture. Fire was used in a range of contexts. A few examples include for warmth, cooking, to drive game towards hunters, in fire-stick farming, and to heat resins.

These boards are the perfect learning resource for teaching older children about Aboriginal fire starting techniques. These Demonstration Boards can be used to explore a range of Fire Starting Technologies when combined with our Tasmanian Oak Fire Saws, Tasmanian Oak Hand Drills and Grasstree Hand Drills. Friction resulting in visible smoke is the desired outcome of inquiry/interaction rather than the production of fire. These boards can be fixed to a range of table surfaces with double-sided tape and are suitable for suitcase transport.

They incorporate Erythrina vespertilio hearth board for fire-saw use, Hibiscus tileaceus hearth board for fire-saw use, Hibiscus tileaceus hearth board for hand drill use and Spotted Gum hearth for hand drill use (one each of these included in kit - extra replacements can be purchased separately through Year 8 Burning Question page). Glazing of the friction surfaces on the timbers can be easily removed with a small piece of 80 grit sandpaper.  

Included in the kit is the equipment needed for three different fire starting techniques - fire drill (Tasmanian Oak), fire saw (Tasmanian Oak) and fire plough (Red Cedar).

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