William Wijity...teaching little ones about science

William Wijity is a fantastic example of the uniqueness that Indigenous children’s authors have to offer the early childhood literary space. This book is a beautifully illustrated and colourful story of William Wijity, a little Australian Witchetty Grub who wants to tell us about where he comes from and how he and his family survive in the Australian bush.

In a fun and engaging way, this book introduces its young readers to science concepts such as:

  • insect lifecycles

  • scientific names

  • habitats

As one of Australia’s most well-known little creatures, particularly being associated with Aboriginal Australia as an important food and indeed a delicacy in central regions, the witchetty grub is an insect which many children may be familiar with already. This book builds on this by teaching children about where they live, what they look like, how they grow and what the eat. It is a wonderful storybook and would make a great addition to any kindergarten or early primary library.

Deborah Hoger