Including Indigenous Australia into Early Learning

At Riley Callie Resources, we are passionate about embracing, acknowledging and including Indigenous perspectives, worldviews, culture and knowledge into the early learning years. This is why we have developed the IndigiSTEM Activities Workbook and accompanying IndigiSTEM Educator Notes. In fact, the development of these two resources was where the whole idea for our business came from.

We feel there is a great need to ensure that Indigenous culture is taught about and learnt about in the early years, as these are the foundational years which set the scene for a child's future learning as a student.  Our IndigiSTEM resources take simple STEM based activities for preschool and kindergarten aged children, and use them as a platform upon which educators can teach children about Indigenous culture.

Our culture as Aboriginal Australians, is the oldest in the world, the longest living culture on the planet, and as such, deserves a centre place in the teaching of our young children. However, for preschools and kindergartens to include Indigenous learnings into their curriculums in a respectful and appropriate way, meaningful engagement with Indigenous people, communities, and businesses is absolutely necessary. Through our IndigiSTEM resources we hope to provide one avenue for educators to do this, and plan to add to our resources in this area soon...