The Importance of Indigenous Stories in the Classroom

Reading is one of the most invaluable experiences you can offer your child. Reading to your child helps build vocabulary and stimulate their imagination. Stories written and illustrated by Indigenous people have a unique significance in that they allow children to learn about the cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

We firmly believe that including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories in the classroom is critical to ensuring that our children grow up with diverse exposure to the true history and beauty of our country. Aboriginal culture dates back 60,000 plus years…this is thousand and thousands of years of stories, knowledge and learnings that should be celebrated.

Early Childhood Australia states that exposure to such stories children promotes:

  • The significance of the home cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to their developing identity and sense of self-worth 

  • The need for communities, environments, services and interactions to positively reflect and promote these identities and cultures, and to support their growth in new generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children 

  • The importance of all Australians knowing and understanding the histories and current realities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and the need for all Australian children to grow up in a society that acknowledges and addresses this past and present.

Reading Indigenous books opens up to all children, concepts like:

  • Caring for Country; why and how we should look after the world around us

  • Aboriginal understandings of family and kinship and how they may differ from Western systems

Exploring concepts like these help children consider things from different perspectives and to grow their understanding of Australia, our history and our cultures. Which is so important!

We stock a wide range of stories by Indigenous authors and illustrators and are always adding to our range so be sure to check back regularly!

Deborah Hoger